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How to rock World Margarita Day at Taco Bill

Amigosss!!! We have the perfect excuse to take life with a grain of salt, a wedge of lime and a shot of tequila!!

National Margarita Day takes place today, February 22nd.

Whenever we think about a margarita we think of good times, happiness, Mexican heritage, sunlight, beach, and positive vibes. So today is the perfect day to get crazy about this beloved cocktail. But what is the history behind it??

There are many stories around the margarita that make its origin unclear. Carlos Herrera, a restaurant owner, was said to develop the drink, by accident, at his restaurant in Tijuana, for a customer who was allergic to most alcohol except tequila.

Another legend, is that Willie, a bartender from Mexico who loved mixing cocktails with tequila called it after his friend Marguerite Hemery.

Who knows Amigos!! The only thing we are really sure of, is that today at Taco Bill, it’s the perfect day to share your love of Margaritas with all your friends.

Taco Bill has over 22 DIFFERENT FLAVORS of Margaritas frozen FRUIT, LIQUEUR, and “on the rocks”. We have our very popular FISH BOWLS if you and your mates want to go for it together and don’t forget the FREE SOMBRERO with every Pancho Villa (fishbowl).

AMIGOS!! Today does not look like a dull day. It is FRIDAY, it’s the OFFICIAL day to drink margaritas and you have the best place to do it, TACO BILL RESTAURANTS, the first to bring the frozen margarita to Australia!

Cheers Amigos!!


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