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1 Million Sombreros

Have you seen our sombreros floating around Victoria over the years? It must be 1 million sombreros, we must be doing something right!

If you’ve been to Taco Bill before, you may have come across one of our brightly coloured sombreros. After all, we have been giving them out since 1990 with our famous pancho villa fishbowl margaritas. So we got to thinking … how many are floating around Victoria these days? We reckon there’s at least 1 million sombreros!

Sombreros have been a large part of Victoria’s sporting culture over the years. After Cricket Australia banned the beloved headwear from games at the MCG in 2007, there was quite the uproar. Unable to say goodbye to sombreros and the Mexican staple, many continued to wear them and participated in what was known as the ‘Mexican wave’ throughout the game.

Taco Bill Mexican is a proud supporter to the sombrero, having handed out over 750,000 given out in the last 50 years! The sombrero appeared as early as the 15th century and has continued to carry on the legacy of the Mexican culture. Did you know that there isn’t just one type of sombrero? There are actually more than five different styles, ranging from a quinciano sombrero to the modern day sombreros we see today! Which one is your favourite?

Still wondering what you can do to get your hands on a Taco Bill sombrero? Stop by to sip on a fishbowl margarita and it’s all yours! If you have little ones that are keen to get into the Mexican spirit, we’ll set them up with a sombrero as well!

See you soon amigos!



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