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Taco Bill’s Top 10 Ways to Treat Mom this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and that means it's time to give back to the women who know best! Don’t worry amigos, we’re here to help you celebrate your mom in the best way at Taco Bill.

  1. Margarita: There is no better way to treat mom than with one of our original margaritas. Choose from one of our 5 classic fruit flavours, 12 liqueur options, on the rocks, or opt to upgrade to our famous Fishbowls. After the past year, your mother may need one! Don’t forget to ask about our special Margarita of the Month!

  2. Nachos: Nothing says “I love you and I appreciate you” like a plate of warm, cheesy nachos - take it from us. A perfect way to start the evening, Nachos are an easy non-fussy dish that mom and the whole family can enjoy.

  3. Death by Chocolate: Indulge your mom with layers of chocolate mousse and chocolate ice cream all topped with a swirl of whipped cream and chocolate walnut brownie - talk about scoring some brownie points!!

  4. Fajitas: Give mom a sizzling feast of our best-selling fajitas! This gives her a chance to style her tacos exactly how she’d like. With beef, chicken, or veggie to choose from, there’s an option for everyone.

  5. Tacos: Perfect as a side, starter, or main meal, our tacos can be mixed and matched to suit mom's liking! Go with some classic tacos or play it up with our customer favourite fish taco for the perfect blend of flavours.

  6. La Combinación: It’s hard to choose. That’s why we have an option that can give mom a little taste of everything. This dish comes with an enchilada, taco, and taquito with her filling of choice as well as frijoles and mexi rice. This is sure to leave mom full and happy!

  7. Burrito Bowl: All her favourite fillings, without the tortilla. Perfect for those in the mood to be health-conscious, our burrito bowl is filled with fresh vegetables, rice, and mom’s choice of protein. Vegetarian and Gluten-Free, this dish can also be made Vegan upon request!

  8. Sangria: Sometimes all mom needs to feel at peace is a glass of wine. Put a spin on it this Mother’s Day with our signature Sangria. Served over ice with fresh fruit, this is a refreshing red wine punch that pairs well with any main.

  9. Ice Cream Nachos: It’s not right to have a celebration without a little (or a lotta) something sweet. Acting as the perfect nightcap, our ice cream nachos are a great way to end a celebratory outing. Featuring crispy tortillas dusted in cinnamon sugar, topped with 3 scoops of rich vanilla ice cream, coffee liqueur, and honey, this dessert may leave the family fighting over who gets that last bite (let it be mom this time).

  10. Mexican Fiesta: Having trouble deciding on just one option? Give mom a full fiesta with our Cancun Fiesta! This 5-course meal consists of a serve of nachos, Flautas, Delgadas, Fajitas, and Sticky Mexican Pudding for dessert! We guarantee you won’t leave hungry after this meal! Keep in mind, amigos, a full and happy mom is a happy home 😉

Need more reasons to celebrate Mother’s Day at Taco Bill? We could go on all day, but why not come in and see for yourself? A family-friendly atmosphere with a wild side, we can’t wait to help you celebrate the special women in your lives! Check out your favourite location here and book now!



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