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Three Things You Didn’t Know About Taco Tuesday

Do you know how Taco Tuesday came to be? You won't believe how long the term has been around and what the original spelling was!

Taco Tuesday is a coveted day of the week for many – I mean who isn’t celebrating it each and every week?!?! With that being said, how many people really know where this beloved tradition began? Taco Tuesday history is one that is hard to pinpoint but after a little digging, we got the inside scoop!

1. Taco John Trademarked the Phrase

In 1989, Taco John (an American chain, based in Wyoming) coined the infamous catch phrase we all know and love! It’s off limits to businesses in the United States, other than the state of New Jersey. They’ve been known to send out cease and desists to companies who infringe on their trademark, believe it or not. Luckily all taco restaurants in Melbourne are safe!

2. It was originally spelled Taco Twosday

David Olsen, a Taco John franchisee introduced the term as ‘Taco Twosday’. The name came about when Taco John had the deal two tacos for 99 cents. What a bargain! The name eventually turned into the Taco Tuesday we have today.

3. The first Taco Tuesday campaign was in 1967

While the term was only trademarked in 1989, the Taco Tuesday campaign came to life well before then, in 1967. Baker’s Drive-Thru actually coined the term when they put out an ad “Why are Tuesdays special? They’re TACO TUESDAYS at Baker’s”. It’s crazy to think that Taco Tuesday has been around for that long!

Taco Bill Mexican restaurants can’t get enough of Taco Tuesdays! Book a table today at one of our Melbourne city restaurants to enjoy Taco Tuesday (and other Mexican food, of course) any day of the week!

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