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Taco vs. Burrito | Debate time

Struggling to decide what's better between a taco and burrito? We have a close look at the taco vs. burrito and determine the winner!

Soft and warm burrito or crunchy and refreshing taco? While burritos and tacos are essentially comprised of the same ingredients, the way they’re served has had people up in arms, while trying to decide which one is best. This age old debate has long been a controversial topic of discussion among all Mexican food lovers. With that being said, Taco Bill most definitely has an opinion on the matter! We weigh in and explore the difference between the taco vs. burrito, coming to a conclusion of what one is best! Will you be team burrito or team taco by the end? Only time will tell amigos!


Tacos are a timeless and delicious food. They’re so good that there’s a day each week attributed to them – just imagine living in a world where Taco Tuesday could be every day!

Tacos are basically the best snack you could ask for. They’re perfect if you have a small or large appetite because you can have anywhere from one to 25 tacos if your heart desires. The sky’s the limit!

With a taco, what you see is what you get! While a burrito conceals the ingredients, everything is out in the open when it comes to tacos. This is great for picky eaters who want to know exactly what they’re putting into their mouth.

Finally, tacos offer more variety in comparison to a burrito when it comes to the shell. Soft flour tortilla or crispy corn shell? If you can’t decide you can always get a few of both. That’s the beauty of the taco!


It’s a known fact that burritos are amazing, but what makes them so great? Burritos are jam packed with the fresh ingredients you know and love. With a choice between prawns & scallops, slow cooked beef, chicken & sweet corn and frijoles con queso, there’s something for everyone. Besides that, once the filling is chosen, it’s baked to perfection and served with mexi rice and frijoles.

So why would you choose a burrito over a taco you may ask? Burritos are a more filling option as they are quite large and usually considered a full meal – but we won’t judge if you want seconds!

Burritos are also easy to transport or eat on the go! If you’re on the run, a taco might get a little messy, meanwhile burritos are perfect if you’re looking to order in or grab for takeaway. The sturdy foundation of a burrito cannot be overlooked!

We’re going to finish this debate off with the warmth of burritos. If you order a plate of tacos, you have to be eating them at olympic speed in order to ensure that every last one of them are hot. Burritos are designed to keep all ingredients nice and toasty for a longer period of time.

The Verdict

We’re not going to burrito-round the bush here … After close consideration the burrito is the last food standing! We know what you’re thinking, “how could TACO Bill choose a burrito over a taco?!”. While it was a tough call and tacos are a staple that will always satisfy our hunger needs and have a special place in our hearts, we can’t ignore what the burrito brings to the table.

Although we had to choose a winner, we don’t play favourites! It truly comes down to personal taste and we can’t get enough of both dishes. We suggest enjoy tacos as an appetiser and a burrito for the main course! Book a table at Taco Bill today and enjoy a wide selection of burritos and tacos!

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