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Vegan Food at Taco Bill

At Taco Bill, we ensure there is something suitable for every amigo! Are you vegan? Or keen to give veganism a go? Well, we have the perfect guide to assist you with your next visit.

What is veganism diet? A veganism diet refers to eliminating the use of all animal based products. This includes dairy, meat, honey and gelatin. At Taco Bill, we make cutting out these ingredients a lot easier than you may think. Here is your perfect guide to Taco Bill vegan food options!


At Taco Bill, we have plenty of vegetarian options, which can easily be adjusted to suit a vegan diet. We can simply remove any sources of dairy upon request, and/or add another tasty side of your choice. Our friendly staff is always there to assist!

Here are our favourite vegetarian dishes & how they can be suited for a vegan diet!

1. VEGETABLE FAJITAS: One of our most popular and exciting dishes! Our fresh veggies are served on a sizzling hot plate with a side of warm tortillas, seasoned rice and crunchy lettuce. Perfect vegan dish as it is right there! For extra flavor, we encourage to add a side of salsa, guac or jalapeños to spice up your meal!

2. NACHOS SUPREMOS: Our mouthwatering nachos can still be enjoyed without the inclusion of cheese and sour cream! Some of the vegan friendly sides we recommend are frijoles, seasonal pico de gallo, coriander, fresh jalapenos and extra guac! YUM!

3. BURRITO YUCATAN: Wrapped inside our baked burritos are juicy frijoles, cheese, onion, salsa and topped with sour cream. For a Vegan option, we recommend removing the cheese and changing the sour cream for guac or salsa.

4. BEAN TACOS: Our bean tacos are filled with lettuce, cheese, tomato and of course frijoles. This can suit vegan diet by simply removing the cheese. We also recommend ordering a side of sweet Esquites (corn kernels) or our Mexi rice!

5. MUSHROOM QUESADILLA DELGADA: A tasty flour tortilla filled with forest mushrooms, tomato & cheese! Remove the cheese for a delicious vegan friendly appetiser. Mmmmm

!Hey amigos! Why not finish your meal with a shot of tequila? Because lucky for you, tequila is vegan!

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