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Where Did Our Best-Seller Come From?

Fajitas offer an experience for the customer. We give you the tools and with that, you’re able to create the wraps that you want - your own perfect ratio.

If you’ve been to Taco Bill, you’re probably familiar with our Fajitas. Even if you haven’t ordered them yourself, we’re sure you’ve heard the sound of the sizzling plate and the smell waft past your table.

So where does our best-seller actually come from?

Surprisingly, this dish isn’t as old as you might think! The Spanish nickname “fajitas” dates back to the 1930s in South and West Texas. Back in the ranchlands, throw-away meat trimmings, like the skirt of cattle, were given to the Mexican cowboys as part of their pay.

These workers then began the tradition of grilling this skirt steak over an open fire and serving it with a variety of condiments that could be wrapped up in a flour tortilla. This seemingly made a delicious meal, and the item began to pop up on menus in the late 1960s, most notably at Otilia Garza's Round-Up Restaurant in the Rio Grande Valley.

The popularity of the dish spread further at Ninfa’s Restaurant in Houston in 1973, where they were named “Tacos al Carbon,” and later at the Hyatt Region’s La Vista restaurant in Houston in 1982. Chef George Weidmann put “sizzling fajitas” on the menu and sales for the dish skyrocketed.

Throughout the years, the Tex-Mex dish has become a staple item at Mexican Restaurants all over the world. Variations on the dish have also risen in popularity, and now customers have more options than the classic beef fajitas, like chicken or veggie.

Fajitas have been part of Taco Bill’s menu for years, and continue to be one of our best-sellers. With the option of beef, chicken, mixed, and vegetable fajitas, we ensure that everyone is able to enjoy this specialty dish. We place this meal on a sizzling hot plate of sautéed capsicums and onions and serve with our house-made guacamole, Mexican rice, lettuce, and warm, soft flour tortillas. There’s an option to get even more creative and add sour cream, cheese, and salsa as an extra side to help perfect your ideal wrap.

Getting as hungry as we are? Fair enough, we’ll stop talking and start cooking! Come on down and try our fajitas for yourself:


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