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Get ready to dance some cha cha cha with our new Macharita!

Hola amigos, is your mind in a twist that it’s already March?

Join the club!

We’ve come up with a twist of our own - our new Marcharita of the Month packed with a refreshing burst of Vitamin C. We’ve combined our Classic Margarita with the delicious flavours of pineapple, pear, and passionfruit to transport you from your chair in our restaurant to a chair somewhere in the sand.

THE MIX: Our classic frozen margarita mixed with golden pash and a pop of passionfruit

THE RIM: Garnished with a fresh orange wheel

THE VERDICT: The perfect blend to perk you up

Head down to your favorite Taco Bill location to try this limited-time flavour while you can!

Hasta Luego!

Taco Bill

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