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In Queso You Forgot…

We’re here for your cheese fix, amigos!

The ultimate addition to any comfort food, choose from one of our many cheesy dishes this week as a way to bring a little extra joy home.

Below are our favourite cheese-filled dishes to warm up your night:

Taco: Whether you’re a crispy or soft shell fan, our classic tacos aren’t so classic without the shredded cheese topping. Perfect on their own or as an add-on to one of our main meals, our tacos are an easy hunger fix!

Enchilada: This menu item has three essential descriptors - warm, saucy, and cheesy! All of our enchilada fillings are mixed with cheese before being topped with our delicious enchilada sauces and even more cheese. Once baked, these enchiladas will absolutely just melt in your mouth. Warning - a nap may be required after consuming!

Chili Fries: Hot chips and cheese? That’s a beautiful combination. Add our signature chili meat, sour cream, and house-made guac and salsa? Now that’s what we call leveling up. A mexcellent twist on fries, nothing screams comfort like cheese and potatoes.

Nachos: The ultimate cheesy dish. A favourite of all ages. Our nachos feature corn chips smothered in layers of cheese, slices of jalapeño, and our signature sour cream, guacamole, and salsa trio. Enjoy them plain or add extra toppings to make this dish even more irresistible. When ordering take away we recommend getting our nachos with the cheese uncooked and popping them in the oven for 2-3 minutes when you get home to ensure you get that perfect cheese pull!

Stop drooling and get your cheese on, amigos!

Check out which of our locations are open for take away or delivery here

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