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Salud with Taco Bill for International Beer Day

Today is International Beer Day. Now is it just us, amigos, or does this have to be one of the easiest days to celebrate?

Though we were hoping we would be able to observe this day with you all dining in this weekend, there's no reason we can't enjoy it at home.

Beer is beloved worldwide, with many countries so selflessly offering unique and characteristic brews for us to enjoy.

Of all these countries, Mexico just so happens to be the largest exporter of beer in the world. Lucky us, right?

As experts on Mexican Beer, we thought we’d run down a few of our favourites that we have available right here in our restaurant for you to try!

Corona: Globally, this is hands down one of the most recognized of all the Mexican Beers. It’s Mexico’s best-selling beer, and the best non-domestic selling beer in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. This lager was created in 1925 and has quite a mild flavour. Top off the bottle with a lime or lemon wedge, kick back, and enjoy.

Tecate: First brewed in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico in 1944, Tecate has become one of the best-known brands in Mexico. In 1964 Tecate began using the first-ever “easy open” can in Mexico, which made using a can opener unnecessary to enjoy a good beer. A seaside staple, this lager is refreshing and perfectly light.

Pacífico: Hailing from Sinaloa, this pilsner-style beer was first brewed by 3 Germans who opened a brewery in Mexico. Its full name is Cerveza Pacífico Clara, named after the Pacific Ocean and it’s “clear,” blonde style. Known for its light, crisp taste this is the perfect beer to drink alongside some nachos.

Dos Equis Lager: Another Mexican beer brewed by a German, the original name of Dos Equis was “Siglo XX,” or “20th Century.” Over time the beer was increasingly referred to by its nickname, “Dos Equis” (Double XX), which has since become the official name. Another lager, this beer is easily enjoyable and refreshing after a long day.

Dos Equis Amber: The original out of the two Dos Equis, the Amber is a Vienna-style dark beer. Featuring a full body and smooth finish, its subtle hints of roasted malts pair perfectly with our Street Style Carne Colorado Taco.

Bohemia: An iconic brand in its home country, Bohemia was the first premium beer brewed in Mexico (1905). With a full-body so complex that it's often compared to fine wine, Bohemia Pilsner is created using the highest quality ingredients and a selection of hops sourced from the Czech Republic. Perfect for balancing flavours and cleansing the palate, this Pilsner is the ideal companion for spicy dishes.

Modelo Especial: First brewed in 1925, this is a rich, full-flavoured Pilsner-style Lager is the second most popular beer in Mexico. Recognized by its uniquely shaped squat bottle, this beer is a staple at Mexican parties.

Negra Modelo: For those who like a more medium-bodied flavour, this lager from Modelo is an easy go-to. This beer is brewed longer to enhance its flavours, resulting in a rich, smooth taste of slow-roasted caramel malts. Exceptionally drinkable, Negra Modelo redefines dark beer as it's not only refreshing but also won’t overpower your meal.

Are you thirsty yet, amigos? Do you have a favourite? Pair your go-to Mexican beer with our delicious Mexican food! Check our website to see which locations are open for takeaway, as we once again thank you for your continued support through yet another lockdown.

So whether you usually cheers, sláinte, prohst, l’chaim, or chin chin, make sure you salud this weekend with Taco Bill!

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