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Taco Bill is Proudly Australian

Australia Day

Australia Day is fast approaching, amigos!

While we hope to transport you to the border of Mexico when you walk through our doors, Taco Bill is proudly Australian since 1967.

As an Australian brand, it is our mission to give back and support as much as we can to our fellow Aussies. A major way we do this is by cooking with the freshest ingredients possible every day – bought right here locally.

From our avos to our chooks, we stand by purchasing our goods from one of the many fresh markets in Melbourne or by ordering through local suppliers. Some of the suppliers we’ve had the pleasure of working with include:

-Aztec Mexican Products and Liquor,


-G&T Chickens,


-Marino Bros.,

-Merchant Australia,

-Timstock, and many more! We take pride in having had the opportunity to provide fresh, affordable meals and a fun atmosphere here in Australia for over 50 years and look forward to the next 50.

Thank you to all of our amigos who have supported not only Taco Bill but in turn many other local workers.

Now time for some margaritas!

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