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Why Kids Love Taco Bill

Looking for a family friendly restaurant? Look no further. With options the entire family will enjoy, it's obvious why kids love Taco Bill!

Choosing a family friendly restaurant in Melbourne isn’t always easy. Which places will have options both you and your children will enjoy? Will the staff be accommodating and happy to interact with your family? Sadly many Melbourne city restaurants aren’t up to par when it comes to focusing on kids, which is why kids love Taco Bill!

Focused on Family

As a family run business, Taco Bill understands the importance of sharing a meal with your family in a pleasant atmosphere and it truly shows! Each and every one of our Franchisees go the extra mile to make kids feel special when they come in. From giving them a poncho or sombrero to wear or a lolly to have when they’re done their meal, Taco Bill connects with families on a personal level and the kids love it!

Fun Mexican Decorations

Not only are the decorations in each restaurant unique to the location but they bring out the fun with traditional Mexican colours and items like sombreros, maracas and other décor with a fun Mexican flare! There’s always something new and exciting to look at or read and learn from.

Nino Meal Deal

Are your little ones fussy when it comes to eating out? With heaps of kid-friendly options on our menu, you don’t have to worry about them being difficult at dinner time. For $12, choose one of our Nino meals (tacos, nachos with cheese, mexi nuggets or fries), ice cream and a Mexican punch to top it off. You won’t be hearing any complaints tonight!

Have your cake & eat it too!

If the Nino deal wasn’t enough, when signed up for Club Taco, you and your kids will be able to receive a FREE meal and birthday cake during each guest’s birthday month!

With so many amazing options for kids, it’s easy to see why they’re constantly begging their parents to come back for more!

Book your table now & join the Taco Bill fam with the best Mexican Melbourne has to offer!

See you soon amigos!


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