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Mexican Revolution Day Named Our Fishbowls!

Did you know that Mexican Revolution Day is behind the name of our famous fishbowl margaritas?! Learn more about this upcoming holiday!

Mexico’s Revolution Day is just around the corner! But what even is it exactly? We take a look at the history of Revolution Day and tap into why our famous Pancho Villa Fishbowls were named after the day. So let’s get into it amigos!

The Infamous Pancho Villa

The Mexican Revolution took place from 1910 to 1920, when the people wanted to overthrow the liberal Army general who was in power. But the real story begins with Pancho Villa. Pancho Villa – born as Doroteo Arango – grew up in North-Central Mexico until he was 16. He was forced to flee home after murdering a man who raped his sister. He later changed his name to Francisco ‘Pancho’ Villa to escape the law. He spent the next few years living as a labourer near Chihuahua. After growing tired of the labourer life, he became known as a ‘Robinhood’ figure, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

When 1910 rolled around, a landowner known as Francisco I. Madero declared a war in attempt to overthrow General Porfirio Díaz who had been in power since 1876. Pancho Villa led the revolution, successfully overthrowing Díaz in 1911, leaving Madero as the President of Mexico.

Pancho Villa is known throughout Mexico and among most Mexicans as a hero and has been celebrated every year since Revolution Day.

Fishbowl Fiesta

As you can see, Pancho Villa was the perfect person to name our fishbowl after. He was a Mexican hero and did well by his people. So what better way to celebrate him than over a fishbowl margarita?! Each fishbowl margarita comes with a sombrero so that you can feel like you’re part of a proper fiesta!

Have you made plans to celebrate Revolution Day this year in Melbourne? Stop by Taco Bill Mexican to see if you can finish off a Pancho Villa for yourself! Book your table today.

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