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Taco Bill Timeline and Innovation

After our inception in 1967, we've brought the best Mexican food to Australia. Discover what we brought to Australia over the years with our Taco Bill timeline!

If you’re a fan of Taco Bill we’re sure you know that Victoria’s own Taco Bill was established in 1967 … but how did it come to be the restaurants you know and love today? Join us as we dive into the history that has made us the best Mexican Restaurant that Melbourne has had before!

Pre Taco Bill

Taco Bill Chilcote, the founder of Taco Bill, was nothing but a small man with big ideas in 1966. Coming from Frontera, on the border of Mexico and California, Bill starting producing his own corn chips and tortillas with a corn grinder and tortilla machine. After realising he had a good thing going, he decided to launch his very own restaurant in Australia.

Taco Bill in the works

The first Taco Bill was a takeaway restaurant that opened in the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. After seeing it’s success, Bill decided to make a name for himself, bringing the first sit down restaurant to Bondi, Sydney.


Seeing the business continue to grow, by 1972 he continued moving south until he settled in Melbourne, opening a takeaway restaurant in Armadale and then the first Mexican dine-in restaurant on Russell Street two years later, with the help of Stan Teschke. It was at this time that Taco Bill began to introduce dips, enchiladas, tacos, taquitos, frijoles, rice and slow-cooked meat dishes!


Ever wonder how nachos got their claim to fame in Australia? We were the first to bring our cheesy corn chips to OZ and have continued to do so as the years have passed. As our tastes evolved we added in our signature guacamole, sour cream and salsa to top off the cheesy goodness!


At Taco Bill Mexican, we take margaritas very seriously. So seriously in fact that we were the first to introduce a frozen margarita to the great people of Melbourne! Keeping with our Mexican roots, we used tequila imported from Mexico in 44 gallon wine barrels.


You can never go wrong with a fajita! Originating in El Paso in the 1800’s, Taco Bill took things into our own hands and brought the sizzling sensation to Australia. Try beef or chicken, sauteed onions and capsicums all in a hot flour tortilla. Is your mouth watering yet?


We began giving out our famous sombreros with our Pancho Villas (Fishbowl Margaritas). With over 750 000 heads in our sombreros, you can find them anywhere from a sporting event at the MCG, Bondi Beach, Machu Picchu and even weddings around the world!


With business booming, it was time to bring in Tom Kartel as a franchisor and chief executor of Taco Bill. After many years of learning the ropes, Tom took Taco Bill to the next level and ensures each and every Taco Bill exceeds expectations!

Present Day Taco Bill

2018 – 2019

With over 50 years of experience and exploring what tastes YOU love best, we’ve got things down to a tee! Taco Bill has developed a menu that offers a wide variety of authentic and traditional Mexican cuisine. Our recipes come from the kitchen of Bill’s mother-in-law in Mexico, not your typical cookbook – and it shows!

So what are you waiting for? Book your table now and experience all that Taco Bill has to offer you and your tastebuds!


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